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Small Changes. Huge Impact.



Before committing to work together, I offer a complimentary discovery call. We use this time to discuss what your goals are, what you’re looking for, and how I can potentially address those needs.

Unless you strongly prefer otherwise, speaking on the phone is preferable to emails or texts. Speaking first by phone is a great way to understand and get to know you. We can accomplish a lot in a short conversation, and it will help preparations for our first in-person meeting.

Contact me today to schedule a call, so that we can get to know each other!


This is where we begin our work together. We’ll meet to discuss what exactly you’re looking for and what kind of support you need to make your home your beautiful sanctuary.

Listening, on my part, will be key to learning how you want your home to look, feel, and function.

Personal style, how you want to feel in your home, functionality, and your unique space and challenges will all be discussed, in addition to any other special circumstances.

This personalized, one-on-one service is charged at a rate of $85 per hour.



Full service design can be as complete as addressing the needs of the entire home or simply a small room. Your space will be transformed using furniture, accessories, fabrics, window treatments, and other custom items that are perfect just for you.

This service can also include assistance with your architectural plans before you even begin to build, as well as during the process of making important decisions on the exterior and interior of the home or office. I can work with you and your contractor as a sounding board in order to oversee that you get what you want from the beginning to the completion of your home.

Since your happiness is always the goal, I work diligently to ensure your surroundings are a vibrant reflection of the people living there. 

This is an hourly, customized service.


You may have “the bones” complete in your home, including such items as large, important pieces of furniture, but still feel that it appears empty or bland. This is when accessorizing, or final touches, comes in.

Accessories can include rugs, lamps, artwork, window treatments, and much more. These last, personal touches are as important as adding jewelry to an outfit. Too much can detract, cheapen, and even clutter your home. Too few leaves your home feeling bare, cold, and unfinished.

This final styling can be what makes your home have the feeling you’ve been looking for from the very start, leaving it feeling sophisticated, comfortable, approachable, and warm. 

Your desires combined with my "trained eye" for finishing touches will result in an absolutely beautiful home. I can work with your current items and select what’s needed and where, shop for new items that suit your tailored needs, or perform a combination of both. 

Contact me for more information on how we can personalize this process for you.



Save yourself the time, hassle, money (from costly mistakes), and the anxiety of shopping everywhere for those elusive items you’re dreaming of. I do the legwork for you to find the furniture and accessories that will be a great fit for your home.

Typically, I will shop first, then take you to see the items and explain how they can work for you. This is a great one-on-one process that curates those special items just for you, and removes the stress of you having to figure it all out.

Contact me for more information on this fun, time-saving service.


Who says doing it yourself means not having any help? Feedback and a little direction from a professional can save you time, money, and a lot of hard work. Before you buy that load of tile or fabric, consider touching base with me.

DIY Coaching clients often collect ideas for what they want to do and perhaps even shop for it. Then, you can send me what you’re thinking of and I can make suggestions for your selections and process.

This service is charged by the hour. Contact me for more information and to discuss your ideas!

Working Together
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